Picture Profile for Sony a7III/A7RIII

This is my Picture profile for the Sony A7III/A7RIII that I always use.
The Profile has a wider dynamic range (HLG), with soft highlight roll off and improved colors.

• Better skin tones
• Highlights roll off
• Dynamic Range increase
• Better results on mixed light
• Optimal for Color Grading  (Professional Use)


1 PDF File


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The Picture Profil comes with a helpful guide (PDF) to Setup the Camera. No file is required for loading the picture profiles into the camera and no firmware update needed. You need to add a basic color correction first, before Color Grading the footage. This Picture Profile works fine with my Wedding Luts Pack 1 and Pack 2! You can find some example on the videos below!

This is a Digital Product. After downloading the product it is no longer eligible for a refund.